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 I Love YOU~~~

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PostSubject: I Love YOU~~~   Sun Dec 21, 2008 11:11 pm

Finally~Stpm ends at last..There are some words i would like to express. Something I couldn't imagine myself doin it in front of the class. Here goes:

To all,

Today is…TODAY!! Today is the final day, the last day for all of us to sit here, in uniform, on these anytime-could-break chairs and such ugly but familiar desks. Today is a day of excitement, mixing with some..erm..i would say…sadness. Why?

From May 2007, we barely knew each other. Some I’ve seen before, some are total strangers to me. Until today, we became buddies. During this period of time, I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve enjoyed stuffs, stuffs that I could never imagine I would touch the whole life. Stuffs that inspires me a lot. Thank you. Thanks to you guys, for bringing me out of myself and my fully grey-clouded nerdy world (?!). To be frank, I enjoy things that we worked along. GH heroes, sales, ….bla..bla..bla…and finally..this coming-up trip.

Bonding between us, it’s what I’ve wanted all along, what I’ve never met before F6. The circle of trust, the bonding which we believe in each other, we worked hard without blaming, without quarrel, without suspicion for every project passed on to us. Even we had fight, we just laugh away the next day.

Well, being “chemistrily” obsessed (as I always do), I would like to compare our friendship, our circle to the carbon amorphous. Just like buckyball (LOLZ!!) which forms caging to have the electrons trapped. It’s the feeling of love, passionate and trust that lies beneath us, the buckyball, empowering the covalent bonding between carbon atoms!!

I’m lucky that I’ve chosen this path. A path that is always objected by some aunties and uncles. A path that brings me idealism, friendships, and of course makes me a better man ( Okay, maybe I’m still not there yet)

I apologize for being crappy sometimes to all of you, for being harsh to some of you (Puay Yong, Amelia, Wei Keong, Rachele, …..-the list goes on- ……I’m sorry but..you know..it’s easy to give an answer, but it’s the crucial yet difficult part to path the thinking process..), for being a bit too commentative (Jol Ern the fatty, Rachele the water tank, Angie’s liquid-highlighted specs…thanks to these people..for..helping me to release stress..Wakakaka..and thanks for not crying..but once Rachelle weep..OMG..not my fault, Kavi did it)

No matter how, I appreciate each and everyone of you for your kindness and everything, and for letting me be part of your…if you consider…life. Though, you guys are all pretty significant in my life (unlike ideal gas molecules..Wakaka). Every component in this new-me is composed of your spirit. I’m like a factory product, enjoyed the moulding process, waiting for my lovely future to fetch me. Don’t forget the vows and the promises.

Love, Chong.
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I Love YOU~~~
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