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 STPM Books for Sale!!

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PostSubject: STPM Books for Sale!!   Mon Dec 22, 2008 9:17 pm

Textbooks & Reference Books
Pengajian Am
Pengajian Am Kertas 1 LP

Mathematics: Calculus(New) Thomson
Mathematics: Algebra & Trigonometry (New) Thomson
Mathematics: Mathematics S & T –Paper 1 Pelangi
Mathematics: Mathematics T –Paper 2 Pelangi
Physics: Volume 1 Longman
Physics: Volume 2 Longman
Pre-U Physics Volume 1 Thomson
A-Level Physics (Robert Hutchings) Nelson

Physical Chemistry Thomson
Organic Chemistry Pelangi
Inorganic Chemistry Longman

Exercise Books
Pengajian Am
Pengajian Am: 6 set Kertas Model (Kertas 1 & 2) MC Federal
Pengajian Am: Kertas 2 (7 Set) Cerdik Pub.
Siri 6 Tahun (1999-2004) Longman

Exercise and Solution: Paper 1 (Topical) Pelangi
Skill Practice Mathematics T Paper 2 (Topical) Pelangi
6-year Series Math T (1999-2004) Longman

Score A: Paper 1 (6 sets Model Paper) Pelangi
Score A: Math T (6 sets Model Paper) Pelangi
Model Test Total Pro Paper 1 (5 sets Model Paper) Sasbadi
Specimen Papers Math T (6 sets Model Paper) Federal Pub.
Sarjana Model Exam Series (6 sets Model Paper) Pustaka

Study Aids Physics Volume 1 Federal Pub.
Specimen Papers Physics (6 sets Model Paper) MC Federal
Score A: (6 sets Model Paper) Pelangi

6-year Series (1999-2004) Longman
Topical Practice Inorganic Chemistry MC Federal
Topical Practice Organic Chemistry MC Federal
Score A: Chemistry (6 sets Model Paper) Pelangi
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PostSubject: book   Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:54 pm

hey how much organic chemistry by tan yin toon?
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STPM Books for Sale!!
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