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PostSubject: CHINA DAILY BBS   Wed Nov 12, 2008 8:27 am

以下的资料来自文章List of racial discrimination in Malaysia (China Daily BBS)

  • 五十条华文路名(至少)被换成别的名字。
  • 所有公立大学的正副校长是马来人。
  • 99%的Petronas加油站持牌者是马来人。
  • 99%的Petronas领导人是马来人。
  • 98%的发展乡村预算给了马来乡村,华人新村只占2%。
  • 月薪RM1000的华族,子女得不到借书待遇,但月薪RM2000的马来人却可以得到此待遇。
  • 只有5%的非土族被录取为护士,警察,兵士。
  • 小学预算,华小只占了2.5%,印小1%,国小占了96.5%。
  • 不管穷或富有,马来人可享有15%的买购屋子的折扣。
  • 国立大学的导师从1965年的70%缩减成2004年的5%。
  • 布城政府机构的员工,非土族只占了2%,土族占了98%。
  • 全国政府机构的员工,从1960年的30%非土族,缩减成2004年的7%。
  • 皇家空军的非土族官员,从1960年的40%缩减成2%。
  • 没有一个国家电视台(TV1,TV2,TV3)是非巫语主流。
  • 在四十年里,200万名华人移民去外国。
  • 50万名名印度人移民去外国。
  • 300万印尼人移民来马来西亚,获得永久居留证,更获得"土族"资格。
  • 没有任何非土族被允许在新麻玻巴士站得到商店位。
  • 五间本地银行,只有一间是多元化,其余四间都被土族操控。
  • 从2003年起,MARA科学学校让出10%的学位给非土族,之前是100%土族享有。
  • 沙阿南的一间基督教堂用20年时间来申请建造,被土族机构告知教堂得造得像间工厂,而不是教堂的模样。2004年尚未获得批准。
  • 至少10次,UMNO利用513事件来威胁华社。
  • 政府通过几个管道把8000Billion零吉给了马来私人机构。
  • 华人人口从1957年的45%缩减成2004年的25%。
  • 20宗救护车以非人式方法对待华人病人或政府医务人员故意延迟急救华人的案件被举报,未举报的估计有200宗。
  • 我国有60万的印度人和华人仍持有着红身份证,而且申请了四十年仍不被公认为马来西亚人民。其中60%以年老去世。这反映着印尼人更容易被承认为公民。
  • 95%的政府发展工程给了土族。
  • 40年来,只有5%的政府奖学金给了非土族。
  • 100%的生意执照都被土族机构管理。
  • 在四十年内,至少有十间巴士公司被逼卖给MARA或马来运输机构。原因是申请不到新的路线和新的巴士。
  • 在2000年,一间颜文龙人民礼堂在正式使用后几天,被换成马来名。
  • Petronas旗下的工程,工程承包商一定要100%的土族机构。
  • Petronas的员工,非土族只占3%。
  • 100间的华族大机构被政府收购,然后在把它们私营化,转由马来人掌控。例如:UMBC,MISC,UTC等等。
  • 20个被DAP赢得的国会议席得不到发展基金,或这些地方将会是最迟得到发展的。
  • 每个住宅区都没有神庙或印度庙,但每个住宅区都会有回教堂。
  • 从1970年开始,3000间回教堂被申请以建造在每个住宅区,却没有任何神庙/教堂得到批准。
  • 1968-2000年之间,共建造了2637间国小。
  • 1968-2000之间,关了48间华小。
  • 1968-2000之间,关了144淡小。
  • 128位STPM华人优秀生申请不到自己想修读的课程。
  • 平均每年都会有20宗,华人不小心撞倒马来人,然后司机被马来人殴打或被杀死的案件发生。
  • 平均每年都会有50宗,华人(尤其是少年)在公共场所被马来人殴打事件发生。不包括没报案的。
  • 没有任何马来机构被限定有华人员工,但华人机构却被限定要有30%的马来员工。
  • ASN/ASB的年度利息是12%,但银行定期存款的年度利息只有3.5%。
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PostSubject: Re: CHINA DAILY BBS   Wed Nov 12, 2008 2:27 pm

# 50 Chinese Lu Ming is changed into (at least) other name.
# all Public university's assistant directors are the Malay.
# 99% Petronas the gas station holds the sign is a Malay.
# 99% Petronas leader are the Malay.
# 98% development village budget gave Malaya the village, the Chinese people new village has only accounted for 2%.
# the monthly salary RM1000 China, the children cannot obtain the borrowing books treatment, but the monthly salary RM2000 Malay actually may obtain this treatment.
# has 5% non-Turk national minority by the enrollment is nurse, police, the common soldier.
# the elementary school budgets, Hua Xiaozhi has accounted for 2.5% slightly, India 1%, the country has slightly accounted for 96.5%.
# no matter poor or rich, the Malay may enjoy 15% buys buys the room the discount.
# National university's teacher 70% reduced 2004 from 1965 5%.
# the cloth city wall government apparatus's staff, the non-Turk national minority only accounted for 2%, the Turk national minority has accounted for 98%.
# the nation government apparatus's staff, from 1960 30% non-Turk national minority, reduced 2004 7%.
# Royal air force's non-Turk national minority official, 40% reduced 2% from 1960.
# not a National television broadcast station (TV1, TV2, TV3) right and wrong Malay mainstream. # in 40 years, 2,000,000 Chinese people immigrates to go to the foreign country.
# 500,000 famous Indians immigrate to go to the foreign country.
# 3,000,000 Indonesian immigrate to come Malaysia, obtains the permanent residential card, obtains " Turk national minority " Qualifications.
# any non-Turk national minority has not been allowed to obtain in the new hemp Bolivia bus stop the store position.
# five local banks, have one are the multiplications, other four are controlled by the Turk national minority.
# from 2003, the MARA scientific school resigns 10% degrees for the non-Turk national minority, before was 100% Turk national minority enjoys.
# a sand Afghanistan and Yugoslavia's Christ church applies for the construction with 20 years, is informed the church by the Turk national minority organization to make looks like the factory, but is not the church appearance. in 2004 not yet obtained the authorization.
# 10 times, UMNO uses 513 events to threaten China society at least.
# the government has given Malaya through several pipelines the 8000Billion Ringgit the private agency.
# the Chinese people population 45% reduced 2004 from 1957 25%.
# 20 ambulances treat the Chinese people patient or the government medical personnel by the inhuman -like method retard intentionally administer first aid Chinese people's case to report to the authorities, had not reported to the authorities the estimate has 200.
# our country had 600,000 Indians and the Chinese people was still having the red ID card, moreover applied for 40 years still not to recognize as the Malaysian people. And 60% by died old. This was reflecting the Indonesian is easy by the acknowledgment is a citizen.
# 95% governments developed the project to give the Turk national minority.
# for 40 years, only then 5% government scholarship have given the non-Turk national minority. # 100% business license by the Turk national minority organization management.
# during 40 years, ten bus company is compelled to sell to at least MARA or the Malaya carrier. The reason is cannot apply for the new route and the new bus.
# in 2000, a Yan Wenlong people assembly hall was using officially latter several days, is changed into Malaya.
# Petronas serves under somebody's banner the project, the project contractor wants certainly 100% Turk national minority organization.
# the Petronas staff, the non-Turk national minority only accounts for 3%.
# 100 China big organizations by government purchase, then in them privately operated, transfers controls by the Malay. For example: UMBC, MISC, UTC and so on.
# 20 the Congress seat which is won by DAP cannot obtain the expansion funds, or these places will be most late obtain the development.
# each residential district does not have the temple or the Indian temple, but each residential district will have the mosque.
# started from 1970, 3000 mosques are applied for to construct in each residential district, actually did not have any temple/church to be approved.
# between during 1968-2000 years, altogether constructed 2637 countries to be small.
# between 1968-2000, closed 48 China to be small.
# between 1968-2000, closed 144 has been pale small.
# 128 STPM Chinese people distinguished student cannot apply for the curriculum which one want to study.
# the average will have 20 every year, the Chinese people are not careful knocks down the Malay, then the driver is beaten by the Malay or the case occurrence which will kill.
# the average will have 50 every year, the Chinese people (youth is beaten in the public place by the Malay the event to occur particularly). Including has not reported.
# any Malaya organization had not been defined that has the Chinese staff, but the Chinese people organization was defined actually that must have 30% Malaya staff.
# the ASN/ASB year interest is 12%, but the bank deposit account's year interest has 3.5%.
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PostSubject: Re: CHINA DAILY BBS   Sun Nov 23, 2008 12:33 pm

nice work guys....lol.....1 people post 1 version of languages.....lol
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