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 Scrambled Egg Tartlet

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PostSubject: Scrambled Egg Tartlet   Thu Sep 18, 2008 4:53 pm

1.Pre-heat oven to 180.
2.Cut each sheet into four sections (you’ll have 2 squares left over)
3.Place pastry squares into non-stick muffin tins
4.Press into the shape of the muffin tin
5.Pinch edges around top and trim
6.Pre-bake pastry cups by placing small square of baking paper in each cup, weighted down with a teaspoon of rice in each of the cups.
7.Bake for 12 minutes in pre-heated oven. Remove from oven when golden.
8.Meanwhile heat butter in frypan, crack eggs into melted butter and gently stir with a fork to combine. Cook for two minutes on medium heat.
9.Add salt and pepper to taste
10.Spoon mixture into each pastry cup.
11.Garnish with crisp prosciutto pieces that have been oven or pan fried and a sprig of chives.
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Scrambled Egg Tartlet
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