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 Bleach : Fade to Black

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PostSubject: Bleach : Fade to Black   Bleach : Fade to Black Icon_minitimeFri Sep 12, 2008 2:14 am

A new Bleach Movie has recently been announced by Kubo Tite. The new Bleach Movie will be entitled "BLEACH Fade to Black". It will being premiering on December 13, 2008 in Japan. The official site of the the 3rd Bleach Movie is http://www.toho.co.jp/lineup/bleach3/ Not very much information as of yet but it is a sequel, that much is known.

Bleach : Fade to Black Bleach3vf5

Trailer :Bleach Trailer
Someone with a sickle like object has attacked Mayuri, who was inside his laboratory. Mayuri, who suddenly went out of control, uncontrollably hits his control board inside his laboratory. Then all of a sudden Seireitei was covered with cloud of Reishi and trapped the Shinigami inside a cacoon.
When Kenpachi came running inside Mayuri's laboratory there was a huge explosion of reishi that destroyed Seireitei.

Watching the destruction of Seireitei from far away, a shadow appears in front of Rukia who was shocked at the sudden incident.
The sickle charges towards her and something inside Rukia disappears... rukia's "heart" is stolen.

At the same time Ichigo senses some danger and heads to the Urahara store.
There he hears from Urahara about "Annihilation of Seireitei " and heads to Soul Society with Kon.

When Ichigo arrives to Seireitei crumbling, he is greeted by Renji and the others who have forgotten about him. But not only him but also their memory of Rukia seems to be lost as well. Without thinking Ichigo reveals his Hollow-side in front of the Shinigami and gets accused of the culprit who destroyed Seireitei.
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Bleach : Fade to Black
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