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 4 Must-Try Sex Positions(women must know)

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PostSubject: 4 Must-Try Sex Positions(women must know)   Mon Sep 08, 2008 5:39 pm

When it comes to sex positions, after a while it's only natural to fall back on your old favorites. And there's nothing really wrong with that ‑- except that, well, it's kind of dull. So mix things up! Experiment! Surprise your guy with something unexpected! After all, making even subtle changes to your current go-to list can mean the difference between a sex life that's fine ‑- and one that's on fire.

Digging Deep

We're most familiar with man-on-top positions. They're great for gazing lustily into each other's eyes. And as an added bonus, they're terrific for deep penetration. For fans of deep, intense penetration and enthusiastic thrusting, you can't beat this position.
With this variation, the top half of your body can't move much, but you can make up for it by moving your pelvis both up and down and side to side. First, lie back on the bed with your torso and bottom on the bed and your legs resting on the floor. When he penetrates, you bend your knees back toward your stomach while he supports himself on his hands and thrusts forward. It's best for him to keep one of his legs on the floor for support and the other on the bed for balance. If it still doesn't feel like he's penetrated deeply enough ‑- you greedy girl! ‑- pull your knees even further back and rest your calves on his shoulders, or, heck, show off by demonstrating just how handy that Pilates class really was by crossing your ankles behind his neck. Add extra frisson by holding your own hands above your head to give the illusion you're tied up. (Better still, get him to actually do it!)

The Sex Squat

Urgent, animal and aggressive, rear-entry positions are used by most couples when they're both massively turned on. He can thrust more powerfully here than in any other position, and while some women flinch at the thought ("Ouch! You just hit my cervix!"), most are huge fans. Because you can't see each other, it's great for fantasizing (being unfaithful is obviously much better in your head than actually in your bed!). And although it looks energetic, you can respond as little or as much as you like. Up the lust level by doing it in front of a mirror ‑- or vary it by alternating between leaning forward on your forearms and sitting up straight, leaning back and letting him kiss your neck.
For my new twist on that old favorite, you'll need a chair, and it's important that it's sturdy. If you can, secure it against something or put it near a table or window ledge (a good idea, maybe, to draw the curtains while you're there), which he can grab onto to keep things steady. Once that's set up, you stand on the chair facing away from him, then get in a squatting position with your hands on the back of the chair for support. He puts his hands on your waist or clasps the top of your thighs and penetrates gently. It may help if he puts one leg on the chair to keep it steady while leaving the other on the floor. As I said, keep it s-l-o-w. Move your bottom from side to side for a unique, intense sensation.

Top to Bottom

If you like your body and enjoy being boss in bed, woman on top is perfect for you. You're in complete control of how fast and how deep he thrusts, and you're in a good position to kiss, touch, tease him ‑- even tie him up.Don't attempt this next new position until you're ready for him to orgasm, because orgasm he will ‑- rather rapidly. This position is extra stimulating for any guy who likes looking at your bottom (are there any who don't?)

The Sideways Swoon

In this side-entry variant, you both lie on your sides and get into the classic "spoon" position. He enters from behind to assume the traditional side-entry sex position. You then bring your knees up to your chest, altering both the penetration and angle of entry and adding an erotic edge. He molds himself into you, and you both end up in an almost fetal position.
You can alter the mood a bit by trying a different leg position. Lie on your side, but instead of having your legs straight, lift one up toward the ceiling (like the leg lifts you do at the gym: one leg on the floor, the other high in the air). He enters, keeping his legs between yours, which are parted as wide as you can. As he's thrusting, he's (how handy!) in the perfect position to reach around with his hand and stimulate your clitoris.

Location, Location, Location

The bed may be comfy and convenient, but there are tons of other options:

  • The stairs make up for height differences. If you're shorter, stand on the step above, and previously impossible positions are suddenly workable. Stairs also make oral sex a touch easier.
  • The shower is great for standing positions, and we all know why those detachable shower hoses were really invented!
  • A chair is the most versatile sex prop of all. Choose a sturdy one without arms and you can stand on it, sit on it or both lean on it. Placed near the bed, it's great support for dangling limbs or to support someone's head.
  • The bath is brilliant for foreplay and great for rear-entry sex. It's a solid, smooth surface that is ideal for you to bend over.
  • A table also works for rear entry ‑- and just about everything else. Lean against it, lie on it or both hop on board and do it on top!
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4 Must-Try Sex Positions(women must know)
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